A* Interview #12: RavenDB creator Ayende Rahein

Ed Note: Ayende is understandably very enthusiastic about RavenDB. So his first answer about it is very technical and rather long. If you’d like to skip to the rest of the easier-to-understand questions, start watching at 34:50

My top two lesson from Ayende:

1) It’s a lot easier to push yourself to improve if you care enough about what you’re working on to wake up for it at 4am.

2) It’s a big mistake to not admit you have a problem. Acknowledging badness is the first step to getting better.

Read about Ayende’s current favorite singer, Lily Allen

Read Ayende’s favorite recent book, Spellmonger by Terry Mancour

Check out Ayende’s blog

Use RavenDB.

Ayende recommends you go read the lmdb codebase!

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