Hi, I’m George.

I believe that bad decisions cause big problems. So I build tools that help people make better decisions.

Right now, I’m working at Survata, a startup that helps large enterprises plan, measure, and optimize their brand marketing.

Online, I mostly go by rogueleaderr (learn why).


Once upon a time I was a fencer and aspiring philosopher. After that, I was an analyst at a rather large hedge fund. Then I had a fun stint as an entrepreneur, and most recently I’ve been managing teams working on statistical software and data-intensive applications.

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Python and Swift are my favorite languages, but I’m proficient in Java, Scala, Javascript, and good ol’ HTML/CSS. I’ve also worked with a wide variety of databases and NoSQL stores.

I use iTerm2/zsh for my terminal, emacs in that terminal, and Intellij Editors when available, and VSCode when they’re not.

At work, I rock a Macbook Pro with external Kinesis keyboard, Kensington “Slingblade” trackball, and a big ol’ widescreen external monitor. At home, I chip away on an Asus Zenbook running Ubuntu.