So I’m in the “due diligence phase” of starting-up a start-up…

And in the process I’m learning a whole lot. And discovering many interesting resources which I wish someone had delivered to me in a neat little set of blog posts. So I’m going to just start posting resources as I find them to tumblr, so that one of my zero followers can come along and someday read them and perhaps find them helpful.


I just found these people, but they seem to have a pretty comprehensive set of blog posts about the many legal issues facing start-ups. I’ve been trying to give myself a crash course in said issues, and finding a comprehensive resource has been hard. I’ve tried book (including, which is somewhat helpful but more geared towards people opening flower shops, and also, which has a few bits of useful advice but not a real guide), and targeted Googling which has yielded mixed results.

But these guys seem to be both comprehensive and serious. I haven’t read enough yet to know if it’s really useful overall, but what I’ve read so far has been helpful.

A somewhat similar resource is, also a blog run by a lawyer. He seems to have some good targeted advice on specific points, but is more oriented towards the “here’s what you should actually do, only briefly explained or defended”, which is harder to take on faith since he doesn’t review the overall issues as much.

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