with Whirr and Ubuntu Precise 12.04

Just leaving a Google breadcrumb in case someone hits this error. If you’re trying to launch a cluster using Whirr and Precise, and you get this error: (ubuntu:rsa[fingerprint(8a:da:a2:0f:23:d0:3b:91:38:93:1f:5b:2b:dc:33:90),sha1(f5:eb:ab:91:a2:a7:be:f1:90:f6:2c:10:f0:89:1f:51:12:a9:32:e5)]@ (ubuntu:rsa[fingerprint(8a:da:a2:0f:23:d0:3b:91:38:93:1f:5b:2b:dc:33:90),sha1(f5:eb:ab:91:a2:a7:be:f1:90:f6:2c:10:f0:89:1f:51:12:a9:32:e5)]@ error acquiring SSHClient(timeout=60000): Exhausted available authentication methods

You can fix it by adding:
to your (or equivalent) file.

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